PingMe Mobile App

PingMe is a Mobile Tracking & Tracing App for Apple and Android phones & devices.

PingMe is a permission-based Mobile App using GPS to Track & Trace pre-determined Mobile Devices (Apple & Android). 

Your wife, son & daughter, mother & father, colleagues & staff, partners & friends all have mobile phones. If they 'disappear', we can locate them in an instance. No more waiting hours or even days for emergency services or mobile providers to cut through bureaucratic tape and launch search & rescue operations. 

Locate & recover your human assets, safely & securely in realtime - for less than R1 per day! Message us for further details.

If you fear a loved one, family, friend or colleague has gone missing or you're concerned that they're unresponsive or unreachable, we are able to Ping their mobile phone and trace their location. If they are in an abnormal area, we can continue tracking their movements, while appropriate safety & security action in initiated without delay. 

Don't wait until it's too late. Take action, use your discretion and trust your instincts - it could save a life!

An Individual Subscription to PingMe is R600 per annum - but we're offering a 40% discount through Ecodrive. That means you'll pay only R360 per annum for an individual subscription - that's less than R1 per day!

There are also Group Packages - private and commercial; for families and companies etc.

* 1st user = R 360.00 per annum
* 2nd - 5th user = R 300.00 pa each
* 6th - 10th user = R 280.00 pa each
* 11th - 20th user = R 260.00 pa each
* 21st & more users = R 240.00 pa each
* Corporate Gift = R6,500 for 25 Vouchers  
   (Registrant pays Annual Subscription Renewal)

Refer-a-Friend & earn R60 commission on each registration.

1. Download and Install the App on your Mobile Phone.
2. Create a Profile and Activate your Registration.
3. Close the App, but ensure GPS is active.
4. Ensure phone is always Powered Up.
5. Remember to Charge Battery. 
6. Your Location is Ping-able.
7. You are on the Grid.
8. You are not alone!

To download the mobile Application, simply WhatsApp your phone's Operating System (Android or Apple) to 078 566 7878. You will then receive the link and further instructions by return WhatsApp. Alternatively, visit for more info.

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